Feb 18, 2022

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"RISC architecture is going to change everything." — Acid Burn

Coming Soon: MangoPi-Nezha MQ

MangoPi-Nezha MQ is a RISC-V dev kit with an Allwinner D1s and Wi-Fi.

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Coming Soon: Aper-Oculus

Aper-Oculus is an open source, high-speed camera development board that targets SLVS-EC and MIPI sensors with Xilinx’s Kria SoM.

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Coming Soon: HiPo

A small, open source e-paper display that is updated and powered wirelessly via NFC.

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Coming Soon: Aeroh One

Aeroh One is an IR remote to add internet automation to remote-controlled devices.

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Update Roundup

Sensor Watch has sensor boards.

CANFDuino talks CANFD (CAN + flexible data rate).

Xilinx opens FPGA Playground and joins CHIPS Alliance.

The Precursor shippening is nigh.

In Stock: Qomu

Qomu is an Arm Cortex-M4F microcontroller with embedded FPGA that fits inside your USB port.

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In Stock: GetWired

GetWired makes wired home automation easy and open. It has RS485 communication, Arduino IDE compatibility, and lots of expansion boards.

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In Stock: Obsidian ESP32

Obsidian is a low-power ESP32 dev board in a Raspberry Pi form factor.

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