Jun 16, 2022

Update 175 of 238

The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"Making Linux GPL’d was definitely the best thing I ever did." — Linus Torvalds

New: ShaRPiKeebo

ShaRPiKeebo is a handheld Linux computer with a keyboard, long-range transceiver, and daylight-readable screen.

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New: ANAVI Info uHAT

ANAVI Info uHAT is a simple, low-cost, open source Raspberry Pi HAT with mini OLED display, buttons, LEDs, and slots for various sensors.

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Coming Soon: Espoir

Espoir is an open, ESP32-based PoE+ 802.3af/at development platform.

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Update Roundup

LimeSDR Mini 2.0 has LiteX support.

LimeSDR Mini 2.0 connected to a JTAG cable

Mixtile Blade 3 is hosting an interactive livestream.

LUNA gets a new FPGA.

Precursor is close to FIDO2 and HID support.

CaribouLite gets ADS-B (and more).

Field Report: Visual Studio Macro Pad

Customised Macropad

Efthimios turned an ANAVI Macro Pad 8 into an extra-ergonomic pad for Visual Studio.

Read the ANAVI Macro Pad Field Report

In Stock: Fomu

Fomu is an iCE40 FPGA board that fits inside your USB port, runs Python on top of a RISC-V softcore, and has a fully open toolchain.

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In Stock: ANAVI Gas Detector

ANAVI Gas Detector is an easy-to-use, ESP8266-powered, open Wi-Fi dev board for monitoring air quality and detecting dangerous gases.

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In Stock: Eduponics Mini

Eduponics Mini is an ESP32-based IoT kit for smart agriculture.

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