Jun 09, 2022

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"I do not think that the wireless waves I have discovered will have any practical application." — Heinrich Hertz

New: LimeSDR Mini 2.0

LimeSDR Mini 2.0 top and bottom side-by-side

LimeSDR Mini 2.0 is an open, full-duplex SDR platform with lots of available logic gates.

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Coming Soon: Pocket Integrator

Tap into your Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator - Pocket Integrator adds maraca-like playability with an accelerometer and opens up new connectivity and programming options.

Learn More About Meshinger

In Stock: Jupiter Nano

Jupiter Nano is an open ARM Cortex-A5 dev board that runs NuttX RTOS or Linux.

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In Stock: Very Useful Circuits Kits

Very Useful Circuits are electronics-education and soldering kits that are compatible with LEGO™.

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In Stock: DiceKeys

Roll your way to 196 bits of security with DiceKeys.

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Update Roundup

Mixtile Blade 3 cluster topology.

Glasgow gears up.

The Newts have assembled.

KrakenSDR keeps stackin’.

Early Sensor Watches are in the field.

Home Assistant has a Matter workshop.

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