Dec 12, 2022

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

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New: Gliss

Bela’s new Gliss touch-control Eurorack synth module has RGB LEDs for intuitive visual feedback.

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New: EsPiFF

EsPiFF puts an ESP32-WROVER and RP2040 co-processor into a Raspberry Pi 4 form-factor.

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New: Hamster Mix

The portable, open, ESP32 MIDI-over-Bluetooth controller with silkscreened hamsters.

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Coming Soon: Open UpCell

Open UpCell is an open source lithium-ion battery BMS with USB Type-C PD.

Learn More About Open UpCell

Coming Soon: BlueIO832-Mini

BlueIO832-Mini is a no-code, app-configurable BLE system based on the nRF52832 SoC.

Learn More About BlueIO832-Mini

Update Roundup

Maverick-603 talks custom IC design and manufacturing.

Loko has how-to, teardown, and demo videos.

Hamster Mix has iOS and Android guides.

Pocket Integrator shows Pocket Operator integration.

ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs are designed in KiCad.

CANFDuino can scan CAN with SavvyCAN.

AquaPing is shipping.

Espoir is manufacturing.

LUNA has a new ETA.

In Stock: CANFDuino

The open source CANFDuino adds CAN and CANFD standards to your Arduino projects.

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In Stock: Piunora

Piunora is an open source Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 carrier board in an Arduino Uno / Adafruit Metro form factor.

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In Stock: NeTV2

NeTV2 is an open video development board in a PCIe form factor that can overlay content on encrypted video signals. Fight the DMCA with bunnie.

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