Jun 09, 2023

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"Begin 30-second countdown. Code 0-0-0-destruct-0." — Captain James T. Kirk

Coming Soon: Ovrdrive USB

Ovrdrive USB is an open source USB drive with a hidden self-destruct feature.

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Coming Soon: NRFICE

{nrfice-angle-02} NRFICE is an nRF Bluetooth and ICE40 FPGA board for edge computing featuring JLink On Board. Part of Nordic Community Hub.

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Coming Soon: SwiftIO Playground

SwiftIO Playground is a complete, Feather-format dev kit for programming in Swift.

Learn More About SwiftIO Playground

In Stock: Fomu

Fomu is an iCE40 FPGA board that fits inside your USB port, runs Python on top of a RISC-V softcore, and has a fully open toolchain.

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In Stock: Somu

Somu is an open source 2FA/FIDO2 security key that fits in your USB Type-A port.

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In Stock: KrakenSDR

KrakenSDR is a phase-coherent software defined radio with five RTL-SDRs.

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In Stock: ANAVI Gas Detector

ANAVI Gas Detector is an easy-to-use, ESP8266-powered, open Wi-Fi dev board for monitoring air quality and detecting dangerous gases.

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Update Roundup

AntSDR E200 tests frequency accuracy.

Riotee talks solderpaste.

Pocket Integrator manufacturing is clucking along.

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