Jul 17, 2023

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"It’s in that place where I put that thing that time." — Phantom Phreak

New: Diabolic Drive

Diabolic Drive is a keystroke injection tool with actual storage and wireless connectivity that can fit into many common USB enclosures.

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New: RTK Rover

RTK Rover gives you one-centimeter GNSS accuracy at a fraction of the price.

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Coming Soon: GGtag

GGtag is an e-paper badge with 125 kHz RFID emulation that is programmable by both sound and USD serial. Beep, boop!

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In Stock: Tiny-PAT

Tiny-PAT is a small, easy, open, and low-cost USB Type-C power adapter tester.

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In Stock: Chhavi

Chhavi is a tiny, wireless, touch-capacitive, open, ESP32-based fingerprint sensor with NFC.

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In Stock: EEZ Bench Box 3

EEZ Bench Box 3 (BB3) is a modular, open source chassis for building the benchtop power supply of your dreams.

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In Stock: IQ Fortiq BLS42

IQ Fortiq BLS42 modules are high-performance servo motors built to maximize torque and speed while minimizing motor vibration and footprint.

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Update Roundup

AntSDR E200 shows off cell-networking projects.

ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows can hot-swap.

BeanCounters ship soon.

Cynthion gets a new enclosure.

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