Jun 30, 2023

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"RISC architecture is going to change everything." — Acid Burn

New: Milk-V Pioneer

Milk-V Pioneer is a 64-core, RISC-V, microATX motherboard and workstation for native development.

Learn More About Milk-V Pioneer

New: ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows

ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows are fully-programmable, open source mechanical keyboards/macropads powered by RPi and CircuitPython.

Learn More About ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows

Coming Soon: RoomSense IQ

RoomSense IQ is an ESP32-powered, Home Assistant-compatible sensor platform with mmWave radar and a complete suite of other sensors.

Learn More About RoomSense IQ

Coming Soon: Raspberry Breadstick

Raspberry Breadstick is a Raspberry Pi RP2040 development board in a long form factor.

Learn More About Raspberry Breadstick

Coming Soon: ESP32 Ninja

ESP32 Ninja is a tiny Espressif dev board with USB UART, USB OTG, battery management, and more.

Learn More About ESP32 Ninja

In Stock: USB armory Mk II

The USB armory Mk II is an open USB Type-C computer designed from the ground up with information security applications in mind.

Order Your USB armory Mk II

In Stock: OpticSpy

OpticSpy is an open source hardware module designed by Joe Grand for exploring and experimenting with optical data transmissions.

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In Stock: Pixelblaze V3

Pixelblaze V3 is an ESP32-based board for easily controlling and developing patterns for all kinds of LEDs.

Order Your Pixelblaze V3

Update Roundup

uSDR creates a cloud-based cell network.

Wyldcard DevKit makes e-ink tarot.

Epi 32U4 gets tortured.

AntSDR E200 demos sniffing Bluetooth.

Inkplate 5 spills the technicals.

BusKill will be apt-installable.

Eduponics Mini v2.0 improves their kit.

SOCORAD32 starts shipping soon.

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