Stratify Toolbox

An all-in-one hardware development tool

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As a hardware developer, I keep a number of tools and gadgets handy: a USB to UART converter, an O-scope, a multi-meter, an SWD/JTAG programmer, and then some. It’s quite a pain to keep track of all these devices and to maintain all of the software needed to use them.

Which is why we built Stratify Toolbox. It’s coming soon, and it’s looking to replace most (if not all) of that tool-related overhead.

Because Hardware is Hard

Stratify Toolbox is designed to accelerate nearly every step involved in getting your project to market, from choosing sensors to testing your final product!

Component Selection. With the Toolbox you can quickly connect sensors to the serial bus and write evaluation firmware using a high level API. For the most common sensors, you can just install an existing application and see exactly how the sensor works.

Board Bringup. Once you get your PCB assembled and it passes the smoke test, you can use the Toolbox to probe the serial buses and sensors to make sure they are all responding before you even try to develop firmware.

Firmware Development. The Toolbox has a master SWD port and runs a GBD server, either over a Wi-Fi socket or through the USB virtual comm port. Combined with a built-in USB to UART converter, this functionality should provide everything you need to develop and debug.

Development Testing. Once you have some firmware running, you need to put the hardware through the gauntlet. The Toolbox can act as a stand-alone test monitor, measuring signals, probing buses, and monitoring debug messages for hours on end. The data can be accessed on an SD Card, over USB, or remotely using Wi-Fi.

Manufacturing Support. Finally, when you are ready to go to production, you can send the Toolbox to the factory. Maintain complete control over your intellectual property and get detailed programming and test reports in the cloud.

Under the Hood

Stratify Toolbox is powered by Stratify OS, an application-based MCU operating system that takes full advantage of ARM Cortex M hardware features. Applications are built independently of the kernel and run in memory-protected space with their own stack pointer. The Toolbox includes core features for managing applications, files, and Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, the SDK allows anyone to build and share additional tools.

Software Development Kit

With our easy-to-use SDK, you will find yourself building and installing new applications in no time at all. As we demonstrate in our Setup & Configuration Guide, just a few simple steps will have you up and running on Windows 10 or MacOS in less than ten minutes. (Please drop us a line if you want a Linux guide!)

Features & Layout

Technical Specifications

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n WPA2 security, Secure Socket TCP/IP stack (ATWINC1500)
  • 320x240 IPS Display
  • 20-pin IO
    • I²C x2, SPI x1, UART x3, I²S x1: slave, master, and monitor modes
    • 10 Channel Logic Analysis Inputs (up to 25 MHz)
    • ADC (0 to 33 V input) up to 3 MSps
    • DAC (0 to 3.3 V output) up to 1 MSps
  • 800 mAh battery with built-in charger
  • 480 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 processor (STM32H750)
    • 100 KB's of RAM for user applications
    • 8 MB QSPI flash (for kernel updates, fonts, user data)
  • USB 2.0 (Full speed) for GBD Server, UART to USB, and Firmware Recovery
  • MicroSD card slot (supports SDHC with FAT filesystem)
  • 10-Pin JTAG/SWD Master

Project Updates

Jun 01, 2020

Breaking Down our Embedded System

I have recently made some major progress on designing and implementing the hardware and software systems that power Stratify Toolbox. This was no easy task. The Toolbox is powered by the STM32H750 microcontroller and Stratify OS. The STM32H750 is an ARM Cortex M7 with an L1 cache and up to a 480 MHz CPU, which is a major workhorse. Stratify OS is a microcontroller RTOS that I have spent the last decade building specifically for ARM cortex chips. Bringing it all together required quite a bit of system integration. This update breaks it down for you. Read the full update.

Apr 21, 2020

Tomorrow's AMA, Distractions, and Linux

Please join me at 1 PM tomorrow, Wednesday April 22nd, for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Crowd Supply's Discord. This update includes an invitation to that AMA, information about a Coronavirus-related side project, and an interesting tidbit from our survey of potential Stratify Toolbox users. Read the full update.

Mar 09, 2020

We Need Your Input!

To let your voice be heard, so that the features you want the most get the attention they deserve, please fill out our Toolbox Feature Survey! Read the full update.

Mar 02, 2020

SDK Setup & Configuration

This update provides a brief Setup & Configuration Guide for the Stratify Toolbox SDK. Just ten minutes and a few simple steps will have you building and installing new applications on Windows 10 or MacOS. (Give us a shout if you'd like to see a Linux guide here as well!) Read the full update.

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