ANAVI Macro Pad 2

Open source, programmable two-key mechanical keypad with backlighting

Sep 27, 2022

Announcing ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs

We are adding three new members to our family of miniature, open-hardware input devices. Based on your feedback, they all feature USB Type-C connectors. Another major improvement is the inclusion of a mighty Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, which is significantly faster than the Microchip ATtiny85 that we used in ANAVI Macro Pad 2. Read the full update.

Aug 01, 2022

Field Report: Home Automation Control Center

Check out user AE Chadwick's stunning home automation control center, featuring the Anavi MacroPad 2. It's really impressive! Read the full update.

Sep 28, 2021

Developer Kit Assembly Guide

This update provides instructions for assembling your ANAVI Macro Pad 2 Developer Kit, including video. Read the full update.

Aug 24, 2021

Shipping Soon

All ANAVI Macro Pad 2 kits have been shipped to Crowd Supply warehouse ahead of schedule. If you need to update your shipping address, please do so through your Crowd Supply account. Read the full update.

Aug 17, 2021

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 Fasteners

We have good news to share! We received all required screws, nuts and washers for ANAVI Macro Pad 2. Read the full update.

Jul 15, 2021

Coding Acrylic Enclosures with OpenSCAD

This week we received the acrylic enclosures for ANAVI Macro Pad 2. The design of the acrylic enclosures has been done with the popular open source software OpenSCAD. Read the full update.

Jul 01, 2021

Sourcing Microchip ATTiny85

Here's some news about how the global chip shortage has impacted the Macro Pad 2 project. (Spoiler: it's not bad news!) Read the full update.

Jun 24, 2021

Manufacturing News

We're making good progress on manufacturing. Here's all the latest news. Read the full update.

Jun 16, 2021

All Stretch Goals Met!

Huge thanks to all the supporters of Anavi Macro Pad 2, we've made all of the campaign's stretch goals. Cool stickers are coming your way! Read the full update.

Jun 09, 2021

Creating a New QMK Keymap from the CLI

Make your Macro Pad 2 into a binary keyboard while you learn to create and apply new QMK keymaps. Read the full update.

Jun 04, 2021

Our QMK Firmware

Out of the box, all ANAVI Macro Pad 2 kits are powered by the popular, open source QMK firmware—the same firmware, not coincidentally, that we use for our Macro Pad 8. This update describes some of the other firmware that already exists, or that's in the works, for ANAVI Macro Pad 2. Read the full update.

May 27, 2021

OSHWA Certification and Open Source Tools for Open Source Projects

This update has big news regarding OSHWA certification and takes a quick tour of the open source tools we use to create our open source projects. Read the full update.

May 19, 2021

Introducing Our Tiny 2% Mechanical Keyboard

After several months of development, it's here! ANAVI Macro Pad 2 is an open source, programmable, two-key mechanical keypad with backlighting. Come check it out! Read the full update.

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