Premium USB Armory Enclosure

by Crowd Supply

Protect your USB Armory Mk I in style with this milled PaperStone and anodized aluminum enclosure.

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Premium USB Armory Enclosures are Sold Out

Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a USB Armory Mk 1. (If you’re not, then by all means join the club.) But now what? Obviously, you’ll want to carry it around in your pocket or bag, which requires protection. Then, once you’ve reached your destination, you’ll of course want to show it off, which requires exquisite craftsmanship and style. This premium enclosure has you covered on both fronts!

How it Works

Easy to assemble and take apart! The slide in aluminum cover leaves the the main components exposed for a little breathability, as well as a hole for the indicator LED to shine, and space for prototyping headers. The Premium Enclosure is designed to hold your Armory in place with a rubber seal on one side for a snug fit.


Made of CNC routed PaperStone and anodized 6061 alloy aluminum. PaperStone is made from FSC certified Recycled and FSC certified Mix post-consumer recycled paper saturated with phenolic resins and natural pigments. The 6061 aluminum sliding lid will have an anodized finish for durability, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The enclosure will be manufactured in Portland, OR by Mottweiler Studios.


The Premium Enclosure design is complete, the materials are sourced, and all that remains to be done is material ordering, local manufacturing, and shipping. We’ll place the order for the necessary materials as soon as the project is funded - the units are expected to ship out around mid-September.


Crowd Supply

Very occasionally, we are compelled to create or commission the creation of something we think must exist. This is one of those occasions.

Mottweiler Studio


Enclosure design and fabrication

Electro-Chem Metal Finishing


Anodizing of aluminum enclosure cover

Autodesk Fusion 360


3D Modeling Software

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