Inkplate 6COLOR

Versatile, easy-to-use, Wi-Fi-enabled 5.8" e-paper COLOR display

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Continuing the glory of the Inkplate series, we present you the newest board - Inkplate 6COLOR - incredibly simple to use e-paper display, now with colorful e-paper display. Powerful, Wi-Fi enabled ESP32 microcontroller makes this 5.8" e-paper display – recycled from Kindle e-readers – incredibly easy to control. Just plug in a USB cable, open Arduino IDE (or MicroPython), and change the contents of the screen with few lines of code! Thanks to its low-power mode, you can run it for months, or even years, on a single battery.

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" A new e-paper color display [launching] via Crowd Supply offering a 5.8 inch Wi-Fi enabled color display that is easy to set and extremely versatile. "


"[A] 6 color Inkplate is in the works!"

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e-radionica.com/e-r.io is a company oriented to makers community. We design & manufacture electronic boards and add-ons for hobbyists, companies and schools. We manufacture our designs in-house, provide educational content at the blog and open-source everything(from hardware to Fritzing & Eagle libraries).

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Zvonimir Haramustek

Filip Makarijevski

Vlatka Mesić

Vedran Blažanović

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