Vertiq 6806

A commercial-grade drone & robotics motor module

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The Vertiq 6806 is the first commercial-grade drone and robotics motor module (integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor) in its class. Our goal is to deliver high end motor performance to our backers in a compact, affordable package. Users will gain access to wide range of control parameters and motor data and take advantage of IQ’s advanced calibration software.


Typically, drones that use motors and controllers of this size are very expensive and must be reliable. Unfortunately, motor and controller technology in the drone market is still hobby-grade. Existing solutions limit the maneuverability of the vehicle, and don’t provide easy access to motor data that is necessary for monitoring the health of the vehicle. This would be like having a car without a check engine light, and in some cases, these drones are as expensive as cars.

With IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology, drone makers will get improved motor performance that will allow them to change directions, stabilize, and brake 4x faster. Additionally, IQ’s controller reports a wide range of motor parameters that can be used for preventative maintenance. Reliability is paramount for larger drones, and the combination of IQ’s high performance and feedback will allow drone makers to build the most reliable vehicles.


High torque servo motors are very expensive and one of the biggest issues when buying a motor is that it is difficult to know if the specs provided by the manufacturer are accurate. In IQ’s experience, many of these manufacturers over-promise and under-deliver.

So, we wanted to bring a high torque, high performance, robotics module to the market. The Vertiq 6806 was designed for drone propulsion, but with IQ’s position firmware, they become ideal for precision robotic applications. Exercise precise, smooth control over these compact, lightweight motor modules to enable robotic arms and legs, make a virtual spring, and much more.

About Us: IQ Motion Control

IQ is bringing its sensored motor control technology to high power, high torque applications. We’ve got experience - check out our previous project, the IQ Motor Module.

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