Simple, open source, wireless, Arduino-based electronics multitool with a full-color screen and touch-based control

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QUARK is an easy-to-use, Arduino compatible multitool intended to simplify and open source the development of electronic devices on Arduino, ESP32, STM32, and more. The body of the main device is designed to be held in one hand, and the controls are touch-sensitive on the body of the device. The screen is connected to a built-in probe, while a second probe is connected to the USB Type-C connector. You can wirelessly connect to our custom smartphone application via iOS or Android for a larger screen view, and to configure the probes for other potential use-cases. If you don’t want to connect to an app, that’s fine, QUARK works just as well without it.

QUARK is a convenient 120 mm in length with a diameter of 20 mm. The bright, full color screen has a resolution of 240 x 135 px and displays all necessary information. Control is touch-sensitive, and operation modes can be switched by swipes on the body of the PCB/enclosure. A finalized injection molded case is in the works and will be revealed at campaign launch.

Analyze and Debug a Wide Range of Electronics

QUARK is perfect for a wide variety of applications, and is designed and priced as accessibly as possible. Here’s just a few examples of what it can do: Arduino, STM32, and ESP32 development, power supply debugging, electronics repair and diagnostics, and sensor diagnostics. Users we expect to find this product useful include radio enthusiasts, auto electricians, hobby and professional makers, drone operators and more!

Intuitive Touch Swipe Interface

Touch swiping on the body of the probe easily changes operation modes on the built-in screen. In voltage measurement mode, the device displays logic levels, and in amperage measurement mode, it builds a graph of the change in values. When measuring the values ​​of resistors, capacitors and inductors, the display shows the measured value, as well as color and code markings. The oscilloscope can adjust the scale and has both manual and automatic modes. In UART mode, QUARK automatically adjusts the boud rate and displays the data stream.

Features & Specifications

  • Measures voltage from 0 to 26 V
  • Current measurements from 0 to 3.2 A
  • Resistance measurements from 0 to 2 mΩ
  • Capacitance measurements from 2 pf to 1000 uF
  • Measurement of inductance up to 1 H
  • Oscilloscope with a sampling rate of 400 kHz
  • UART logger
  • UART plotter
  • Signal generator
  • Connects to our smartphone app via bluetooth
  • Smartphone app supports iOS and Android
  • Built-in 700 mA battery provides up to 5 hours of uninterrupted operation
  • Charged via USB Type-C
  • All functionality is fully available with or without a smartphone

Easy-to-Use Smartphone Application

If you wish, it is simple to connect your phone to the device and output data to the our custom smartphone application wirelessly through bluetooth from the onboard ESP32. QUARK is also fully functional without the smartphone application.

Open Source

QUARK is 100% open source. All code is written in the Arduino environment. The smartphone app is assembled in the MIT AppInventor environment.

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