Mar 19, 2021

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"Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but I’m not dead, so it’s a win." — Mark Watney

New: NeuroStimDuino

NeuroStimDuino is an open, affordable, and easy-to-use Arduino shield for experimenting with neurostimulation, the electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles.

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Update: Predictive Fan Maintenance with Embedded ML

This detailed tutorial shows how to build a predictive maintenance application for a fan that can run entirely on the SparkFun Thing Plus - QuickLogic EOS S3 using the SensiML Analytics Toolkit.

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Project Update: Precursor

Precursor, the open mobile, RISC-V SoC dev kit, has a new update from bunnie that covers supply-chain delays, omakase case candidates, sales in Bitcoin, a status report on the Xous operating system, and more.

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In Stock: I²CMini

I²CMini is a simple, tiny, powerful USB-to-I²C bridge. Drive and monitor I²C traffic over the micro-USB connector on the host side and either a Qwiic connector or 0.1" pins on the I²C side.

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In Stock: Circuit Classics

Circuit Classics kits by Star Simpson take the vintage designs from Forrest Mims’ "Getting Started in Electronics" and turn them (handwriting and all) into real PCBs and parts you can assemble yourself.

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In Stock: GetWired

GetWired makes wired home automation easy and open source. With RS485 communication, Arduino IDE compatibility, and a ton of expansion boards, GetWired is the most flexible way to automate your home.

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