Mar 26, 2021

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"To see a candle’s light, one must take it into a dark place." — Ursula K. Le Guin

New: ESP32-M1 Reach Out

ESP32-M1 Reach Out is a compact, open, affordable, and richly-featured ESP32-M1 dev board with a Wi-Fi range of up to 1.2 km using an on-board Qorvo QPF4219 front-end module.

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New: board::mini

A complete vehicle hacking platform, board::mini has a base board with an STM32 MCU, CAN transceiver, USB Type-C, sensors, power supply, and more. Three expansion boards provide GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and additional outputs.

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Coming Soon: Wiretrustee SATA

Wiretrustee SATA is the first native Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 SATA carrier for tiny DIY NAS devices, and it’s completely open source. It has four SATA ports that transfer over the CM4 PCIe interface, gigabit Ethernet, a microSD card slot, and HDMI.

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Project Update Roundup

Eduponics Mini smart-agriculture boards can now easily add up to sixteen relays with chainable extension boards - among other upgrades.

Watchy’s anodized aluminum case samples are looking great and the design contest entries are in.

Neurostimulation research board NeuroStimDuino has released their pinout diagram alongside details on their I²C library.

Learn all about the camera housing for the stereoscopic StereoPi v2 board: CNC machining, IR filtering, vertical-alignment calibration, etc.

In Stock: UP AI CORE X

UP AI CORE X is a product line of neural network accelerators based on the latest Intel Movidius Myriad X chipset. With UP AI CORE X, you can efficiently embed AI directly in edge devices and bypass the cloud altogether.

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In Stock: ScopeFun

ScopeFun is five benchtop tools in one open source device. It includes the functionality of an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, and digital pattern generator. Now in stock.

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In Stock: ScoutMakes Bluetooth Fun

ScoutMakes Bluetooth Fun is a set of two open source STEM electronics kits for exploring Bluetooth using CircuitPython. From one kit, you’ll build an FM radio. From the other, a wheeled robot. Both kits use an nRF52840 mainboard.

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