Sep 21, 2021

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"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for any one else." — Charles Dickens

New: Home Assistant Amber

Home Assistant Amber is the ultimate open source, purpose-built hardware for running the popular Home Assistant smart home automation software. RPi CM4, Zigbee, NVMe SSD, PoE, oh my.

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New: ANAVI Gardening uHAT

ANAVI Gardening uHAT is a low-cost, open source RPi add-on for developing smart solutions for monitoring and growing plants.

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Coming Soon: Roendi

Roendi rotary encoder with display

Roendi is an open source rotary encoder with a programmable digital display and extra IO.

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Coming Soon: Conexio Stratus

A tiny, battery-ready cellular-IoT prototyping platform that runs Zephyr RTOS and supports LTE-M, NB-IoT, and GPS.

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Project Updates:

Feast on purple Slime(VR)y renderings.

Learn to send encrypted GPRS and SMS data with Kryptor FPGA.

Measure corneo-retinal standing potential with BioAmp EXG Pill.

Flash Faust (Functional Audio Stream) functionality to PICO DSP.

Get to Wi-Fi (with NuttX) on Jupiter Nano.

In Stock: USB armory Mk II

The USB armory Mk II is an open USB Type-C computer designed from the ground up with information security applications in mind.

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In Stock: UP AI CORE X

With UP AI CORE X M.2/MiniCard/mPCIe boards, you can efficiently embed AI directly in edge devices and bypass the cloud altogether.

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In Stock: ERASynth Micro

ERASynth Micro is a standalone, open, Arduino-compatible signal generator for frequencies from 12.5 MHz to 6.4 GHz.

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