May 19, 2023

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"Privacy – like eating and breathing – is one of life’s basic requirements."
— Katherine Neville

Coming Soon: Diabolic Drive

Diabolic Drive is a keystroke injection tool with actual storage and wireless connectivity that can fit into many common USB enclosures.

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In Stock: MNT Reform

MNT Reform is an open source laptop made for user privacy, control, and customization.

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In Stock: DeepDeck

DeepDeck is an open, programmable, ESP32-based macropad with hot-swappable mechanical switches, rotary encoders, an OLED screen, and RGB lighting.

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In Stock: PowerEver

PowerEver keeps your off-the-shelf battery power bank from turning off when you don’t want it to - perfect for low-power projects.

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Update Roundup

HealthyPi 5 talks heart-rate variability.

SlimeVR has lots of pallets.

AquaPing now works with Home Assistant.

Gliss passes EMC testing.

SimplePnP completes vacuum hose couplers.

BusKill has 3D-print files for you to try.

Riotee works on production.

Aeroh Link integrates with Home Assistant.

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