May 26, 2023

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"No weeping for shed milk." — James Howell

New: AntSDR E200

AntSDR E200 is a software-defined radio based on a ZYNQ FPGA and part of the AMD FPGA Playground.

Learn More About AntSDR E200

Coming Soon: Milk-V Pioneer

Milk-V Pioneer is a 64-core, mATX form-factor RISC-V motherboard and workstation for native development.

Learn More About Milk-V Pioneer

Coming Soon: uSDR

uSDR is a single-sided M.2 software-defined radio that can be operated via web browser and is part of the AMD FPGA Playground.

Learn More About uSDR

Coming Soon: ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows

ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows are fully-programmable, open source mechanical keyboards/macropads powered by RPi and CircuitPython.

Learn More About ANAVI Macro Pad 12 & Arrows

In Stock: Home Assistant Yellow

Home Assistant Yellow is the ultimate open source, purpose-built hardware for running the popular Home Assistant smart home automation software. In stock for the first time in limited quantities and options.

Order Your Home Assistant Yellow

In Stock: DAQiFi Nyquist 1

Nyquist 1 is a powerful, open, mobile, Wi-Fi-enabled data acquisition system. Part of Microchip Get Launched.

Order Your DAQiFi Nyquist 1

In Stock: FireAnt

FireAnt is a low-cost, thumb-sized Efinix Trion T8 FPGA dev board that is compatible with breadboards.

Order Your FireAnt

In Stock: Tomu

Tomu is an open source ARM board with two buttons and two LEDs that fits inside your USB connector.

Order Your Tomu

Update Roundup

HealthyPi supports Zephyr RTOS.

Precursor talks metastability.

ULX4M shows off new designs.

Pixel Pump ships soon.

unsurv offline discusses charging ICs.

EsPiFF finishes production.

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