Oct 20, 2023

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"Never laugh at live dragons." — Bilbo Baggins

Coming Soon: PolyKybd

PolyKybd is a mechanical split keyboard featuring innovative OLED displays in its keycaps.

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Coming Soon: Spark Analyzer

Spark Analyzer is a USB Type-C Power Delivery device that lets you monitor, analyze, and manipulate voltage levels.

Learn More About Spark Analyzer

Coming Soon: Tangara

Tangara is the music player you wish you had in the early 2000s.

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Coming Soon: Walter

Meet Walter, a certified ESP32-S3 module with LTE-M, NB-IoT, and GNSS.

Learn More About Walter

Coming Soon: Inkplate 6 MOTION

Inkplate 6 MOTION is an e-paper device with an incredibly fast, 11-FPS refresh rate.

Learn More About Inkplate 6 MOTION

Ending Soon: Inkplate 4 TEMPERA

Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is an open, Arduino-compatible, 3.8-inch e-paper device with plenty of peripherals.

Learn More About Inkplate 4 TEMPERA

In Stock: SOCORAD32

SOCORAD32 is an open amateur-radio board for walkie-talkie and data-communication applications.

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In Stock: CaribouLite RPi HAT

CaribouLite RPi HAT is a fully open source dual-channel SDR Raspberry Pi HAT with a tuning range up to 6 GHz.

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In Stock: ScopeFun

ScopeFun is five benchtop tools in one open source instrument.

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Update Roundup

AI in a Box translates natural language in real time.

ZimaBlade gives a tour of CasaOS.

AMD FPGA Playground shows off new projects and Teardown 2023 highlights.

Precursor is looking for chat client developers.

HealthyPi 5 production resumes.

Haxophone gets a video review.

Chhavi fingerprint sensor now integrates with Home Assistant.

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