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bunnie & xobs

STEAM Stories: When Thea LED the Way

Craft with circuits. Electrify a world.

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Funding ended on Nov 11, 2017 at 03:59 PM PST.

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This STEAM Stories electronics kit introduces you to the story "When Thea LED the Way" to teach and reinforce basic electronics concepts.

I’ve always wanted to become a part of the fantasy worlds like Harry Potter or Twilight. So, I’ve made a book that is an experience where you, the reader, can immerse yourself in that world. As a backer of this campaign, you will receive a kit where you can go on the same journey as the main character, Thea. You will do what the hero does, you will struggle alongside the hero, and you will learn what the hero learns.

Help Thea find light

The book is set on the planet Penumbra, which sees little sunlight. Penumbrans typically gather their light from fallen stars. However, there is a star drought and with no starlight, people are getting Starloss Sickness. Thea is a star-searcher and is struggling to find light to save her father from Starloss Sickness. To find more light, Thea goes on an adventure.

What Thea does, you will do as well. You will be part of her journey and her world. As you follow Thea’s adventures, you’ll create different light circuits in order to bring light to Thea’s world.

Craft circuits to light up Thea’s world

Features & Functions

Star-searcher Thea lives in a world of darkness. You, the reader, will join Thea on her electrifying journey to find light before her father succumbs to Starloss Sickness. With stars (LED stickers) and copper (copper tape), you will try to bring light to Thea’s planet and people.

Bring light to Thea’s world

After finishing this book, you will have made nine or ten scenes with light. Afterwards, you can go back through the book and by simply clipping on the battery, recreate the scenes you made!

As a bonus, as part of the journey, you will have learned circuit basics such as the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit. If you’re a young one, you can do this all by yourself or get some help from a parent, teacher, or friend.

"When Thea LED the Way" craftbook

This book will be your cup of TEA if you like Technology, Engineering, and Arts.

Technical Specifications

"When Thea LED the Way" Electronic Kit includes:

Contents of "When Thea LED the Way" Electronic Kit

Manufacturing Plan

We are using the same factory that makes Chibitronics STEM starter kits to make this electronic kit. All of our circuit sticker elements are the same tried-and-true, field-tested, and mass-produced items used as the basis of most Chibitronics products.

Shipping & Fulfillment

We have already placed a production order for more than 450 kits, so the first 450 kits ordered by end of the campaign date will be delivered by Christmas. The orders will ship from Crowd Supply in Portland, Oregon. Shipping to the US is free.

International shipping is $15 because we have to mail the kit from Oregon, USA.

Risks & Challenges

The core electronic sticker elements of "When Thea LED the Way" use the same tried-and-true circuit sticker technology that forms the backbone of Chibitronics products. We already have inventory for, and have started production of the first 200 kits.

Despite this, there are always risks and challenges. Recently we were made aware of a paper shortage, which has extended the lead time of printing by about two weeks from our original schedule. Furthermore, there is always risk in the simple act of loading kits onto a plane and flying them across the ocean. Packages can get lost, misdirected, damaged, or held up in customs. However, we view these risks as fairly routine and we will insure our shipments and double check our documentation to reduce the risk of customs delays.

When you make a circuit, you light up the stars in Thea's world.

Produced by Sutajio Kosagi in Singapore.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Support Our Project!

Thanks for helping make this electronic kit a reality! To express our gratitude, we'll send you a link to a DRM-free PDF of the craftbook. If you already have circuit stickers, copper tape, and other materials, you can print the craftbook and enjoy the activities!


"When Thea LED the Way" Electronic Kit

This electronics kit includes one "When Thea LED the Way" craftbook, 18 LED stickers, two battery clips, one conductive sheet, two coin cell batteries, and one roll of copper tape.

$40 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

"When Thea LED the Way" Electronic Kit - Early Bird Special

This electronics kit includes one "When Thea LED the Way" craftbook, 18 LED stickers, two battery clips, one conductive sheet, two coin cell batteries, and one roll of copper tape. Limited quantity at a special price delivered before Christmas.

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

Sutajio Kosagi

Singapore  ·

Sutajio Ko-usagi supports and produces open hardware products designed by bunnie and xobs.

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