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Diabolic Drive

Stealthy, modern, wireless keystroke-injection tool in a universal, four-layer, double-sided flash-drive PCB form factor with 64 GB of storage

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Diabolic Drive is a stealthy, wireless keystroke-injection tool that can send payloads over Wi-Fi while disguised as a regular 64 GB USB flash drive. Diabolic Drive is excellent for use in cybersecurity, particularly when red teaming, as it behaves like a typical flash drive until it is wirelessly instructed to deploy keystrokes.

Diabolic Drive adheres to the standard form factor of a "universal" USB drive, allowing it to be easily concealed with an inconspicuous flash-drive enclosure. When plugged in, anyone can interact with it like a normal flash drive, and it performs just like a genuine device, with average read speeds of up to 20 Mbps and write speeds of up to 10 Mbps. This behavior helps mask its wireless keystroke-injection features. Diabolic Drive is the first off-the-shelf product that combines all of these features into a single device. As such, it opens up untold social engineering attack possibilities.

Diabolic drive can be accessed remotely over Wi-Fi. Fire your payload remotely and precisely, or pre-program the drive to deliver keystrokes when plugged in.

Deliberately Stealthy

When plugged into a host, Diabolic Drive acts like a regular USB flash drive, including any audio notifications that would normally occur. Even when it’s configured to identify itself as a flash drive, a human-interface device (HID), and a virtual COM port simultaneously, it triggers only a single audio notification, which is how a standard flash drive would behave. (The COM port allows you to program Diabolic Drive using the Arduino IDE, and you can disable it with "Stealth Mode" for actual red-team engagements.)

Choose Your Moment

By default, Diabolic Drive enters the "spectre" state, after it’s plugged in, rather than going "active" immediately. As long as it remains in that state, it appears only as a flash dive…right up until you deem it safe to expose the HID interface and begin injecting keystrokes, at which point you can initiate the attack remotely over a Wi-Fi connection! Until then, the HID interface is completely dormant, with no unexpected behavior to detect and no abnormal logs generated.

Spoofable Hardware IDs

For maximum stealthiness, Diabolic Drive allows you to spoof the identifying information it presents when connecting as a flash-storage device and as a human-interface device (HID). For flash storage, this includes the vendor ID (VID), the product ID (PID), vendor info, product info, rev info, the vendor string, the product string, and the serial number (SN), which makes it extremely challenging to distinguish Diabolic Drive from a regular flash drive. For the ATmega32U4 HID, you can spoof the VID and PID of an HID that was previously connected to a particular target computer in order to avoid a pop-up notification about the installation of a new keyboard when Diabolic Drive exposes its HID interface.

Features & Specifications

Diabolic Drive was designed for maximum capability and stealth, with an eye toward openness, flexibility, control, and future proofing. It contains the following components:


Diabolic DriveRubber DuckyO.MG CABLE BasicUSBNinja
Form Factor Flash drive USB stick USB cable USB cable
USB Type-C Availability No Yes Available Available
Flash StorageYes (64 GB) No No No
Self-DestructNo No Yes No
Keystroke Reflection ExfiltrationNo Yes No No
Wireless ControlWi-Fi No Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Payload Over the Air (OTA)Yes No Yes No
OTA Firmware UpgradableYes No No No
Different Enclosures SupportYes No No No
Price$107 $79.99 $119.99 $99

Programming Options



Upload Arduino Sketches by directly plugging your Diabolic Drive into your computer, as ATmega32U4 has native USB support through a built-in USB transceiver that handles the USB connection.

Access ATmega32U4 Bootloader

This unique bootloader feature gives you full control over Diabolic Drive’s ATmega32U4 through the USB 3.0 pins. By default, Diabolic Drive uses a modified version of the Arduino Leonardo bootloader. It is also compatible with the original Arduino Leonardo bootloader.

Support & Documentation

You can find project information, programming instructions, design files, and a list of firmware options in our Github repository.

Manufacturing Process

Crafted in the spirit of hardware hackers who use minimal technology and rely more on their knowledge and experience to get the job done, this device provides a unique set of features. We have carefully designed our hardware to be as stealthy as possible when deploying wireless payloads, to operate without specific software dependencies, and to be compatible with a wide variety of open-source firmware. We will meticulously test each device to ensure that it operates at 100% effectiveness. Using the Arduino IDE, you can program your Diabolic Drive with the firmware of your choice in under two minutes.

In the Press

CNX Software

"UNIT 72784 says their cyber security tool enables Red Teaming – the practice of rigorously identifying an attack path to breach a device’s security – as it behaves like a flash drive while being able to deploy keyboard strokes wirelessly...."

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Produced by UNIT 72784 in Cairo, Egypt.

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Diabolic Drive

stealthy wireless keystroke injection tool with 64 GB storage

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UNIT 72784

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