Oct 08, 2019

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"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions." — Grace Hopper

New: Pixblasters

Pixblasters MS1 lets you take a regular HDMI output and port it directly into a massive LED strip display. Making use of a Spartan-6 FPGA, drive up to 16,384 LEDs or daisy-chain units for displays of over 100,000 LEDs.

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Coming Soon: Glasgow Interface Explorer

Glasgow can communicate with… just about any hardware. It uses reconfigurable logic (an FPGA) to adapt on the fly without compromising performance. This completely open tool is perfect for interfacing with unusual, custom, or obsolete hardware.

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Coming Soon: GetWired

Wired home automation is made easy and open source with GetWired. It uses RS485 communication, is programmable using the Arduino IDE, and has a ton of expansion boards. GetWired is the most flexible way to automate your home.

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In-stock: HiFive1 Rev B

HiFive1 Rev B is an open source, RISC-V dev board with wireless connectivity in an Arduino-compatible form factor. It features the second generation of SiFive’s 32-bit FE310-G002 SoC that operates at a blazing 320+ MHz.

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In-stock: SuperB

SuperB is an open, XBee-form-factor-compatible ESP32 module for quickly and easily adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And it’s now available with either a trace antenna or a U.FL connector for an external antenna.

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Field Report: StereoPi Archaeological Survey Drone

The StereoPi stereoscopic camera proved a great solution to conduct large-scale, drone-based archaeological surveying. This field report outlines how Boris and his collaborators obtained terrain data in order to find previously hidden land features.

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