Mar 17, 2022

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"The world is a severe schoolmaster, for its frowns are less dangerous than its smiles and flatteries." — Phillis Wheatley

New: Halo TD-XPAH

Halo TD-XPAH is a Wi-Fi dev board for the 802.11ah Wi-Fi "Halow" standard. "Halow" Wi-Fi operates at 900 MHz, with a long range and low power consumption.

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Coming Soon: SOCORAD32

SOCORAD32 is an open source, ESP32 amateur radio board with walkie-talkie functionality and data communication.

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Teardown Sessions: Proto-pasta 3D-printer Filament Factory Tour

Proto-pasta takes us on a live tour of their filament factory this Friday, March 18th, at noon Pacific time.

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Update Roundup

Inkplate 6COLOR: E-ink recycling and global shortages.

Ready-to-salvage Kindle e-book readers with displays

Sniff a CAN (& CANFD) from your browser.

KrakenSDR: cracking away left and right.

SlimeVR revs up to 9.

SDR-controlled drones with YMFC.

BusKill has samples.

In Stock: Tigard

Tigard is an open source, FT2232H-based, multi-protocol, multi-voltage tool for exploring low-speed hardware interfaces.

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In Stock: UsbSafe²

UsbSafe² protects USB-connected hardware from excessive voltage, excessive current, and unauthorized data access.

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In Stock: Giant Board

Giant Board is an open source, Linux-capable SBC compatible with the Adafruit Featherwing ecosystem.

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