Feb 27, 2023

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"Storms make trees take deeper roots." — Dolly Parton

Coming Soon: IcyBlue FPGA Feather

IcyBlue FPGA Feather is a Lattice iCE40 dev board in the Adafruit Feather form factor.

Learn More About IcyBlue FPGA Feather

Coming Soon: Epi 32U4

Epi 32U4 is an extremely compact, Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 USB Type-C dev board.

Learn More About Epi 32U4

In Stock: RoenDi

Roendi rotary encoder with display

RoenDi is an open source rotary encoder with a programmable digital display and extra I/O.

Order Your RoenDi

In Stock: EEZ Bench Box 3

EEZ Bench Box 3 (BB3) is a modular, open source chassis for building the benchtop power supply of your dreams.

Order Your EEZ Bench Box 3

In Stock: Somu

Somu is an open source 2FA/FIDO2 security key that fits in your USB Type-A port.

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In Stock: snapVCC

The perfect companion to a 9-volt battery, snapVCC gives you 3.3 V and 5 V on your breadboard or wherever you need it.

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Update Roundup

USB-Cereal lays out QA plan.

SOCORAD32 showcases firmware.

Eduponics Mini v2.0 starts docs.

Eduponics Mini v2 board

Home Assistant Yellow releases design files.

SlimeVR manufactures at full-tilt.

SimplePnP belts up.

YMFC tours design files and demos.

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