Feb 02, 2024

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed." — William Gibson

New: Ovrdrive USB

Ovrdrive USB is an open source USB drive with a hidden self-destruct feature.

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New: WiSer

WiSer establishes a wireless, peer-to-peer serial connection between two devices.

Learn More About WiSer

New: Boondock Echo

Boondock Echo records, transcribes, and acts on ham radio and scanner transmissions.

Learn More About Boondock Echo

Coming Soon: KittenBot Keyboard for DeviceScript

KittenBot Keyboard for DeviceScript is a customizable and expandable mechanical keyboard.

Learn More About KittenBot Keyboard for DeviceScript

Coming Soon: Tinko HUSH

Tinko HUSH is a silent electroluminescent light engine designed for wearables.

Learn More About Tinko HUSH

In Stock: Infinite Noise TRNG

Infinite Noise TRNG is a secure, open hardware true random number generator.

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In Stock: Diabolic Drive

Diabolic Drive is a keystroke injection tool with actual storage and wireless connectivity that can fit into many common USB enclosures.

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In Stock: Milk-V Pioneer

Milk-V Pioneer is a 64-core, RISC-V, microATX motherboard and workstation for native development.

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Update Roundup

Pi-Cast KVM also does non-KVM stuff.

uSDR has completed their first batch.

Cynthion completes design work.

SlimeVR completes FCC certification.


ZimaBlade ships soon.

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