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Vision FPGA SoM

An FPGA-based SoM with integrated vision, audio, and motion-sensing capability

$5,405 raised

of $6,300 goal

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Funding ended on Oct 08, 2020 at 04:59 PM PDT.

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Low-power Computer Vision

Embedded Computer Vision is a highly multi-disciplinary field that requires expertise in optics, image sensors, hardware, firmware and so on. As a result, the bar to playing with technology in this field is quite high.

The Vision FPGA SoM is a Lattice FPGA based System on Module that integrates an ultra-low-power vision sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope, and an I²S MEMS microphone in a small form-factor (3 cm x 2 cm).

This device is built for developers who want to not only play with this technology, but also have a path to integrating it into real world products. We designed the device with the following thoughts in mind:

The modular concept is summarized in a talk given at a tinyML meetup in 2019.

Flexible and Tightly Integrated

By including most commonly used sensors in a configurable platform utilizing an FPGA with an open source toolchain, this device enables developers to experiment and build quickly. Sample FPGA, as well as host code will be provided as a jumping off point for backers.

Vision FPGA SoM top.

Features & Specifications

Accessories for Development and Prototyping

SoM Developer Board

The Developer Board provides the following functionality that enables application development using the module:

Vision FPGA SoM on the SoM developer board.

SoM Breakout Board

The Breakout Board brings out all the pins on the SoM to 2.54 mm pitch breadboard friendly format to allow you to integrate the SoM into your project. Note that the FPGA must be programmed using an external SPI flash programmer (programming supported using a FT232 USB adapter, Raspberry Pi, or microcontroller among other options).

SoM breakout board.


ItemFPGA Vision SoMiCEBreakerTinyFPGA BXTomu FPGA
Price $70$69$38$45$49.49
Schematics Published? YesYesYesNot yetYes
Design Files Published? Not YetYesYesNot yetNo
Volume Production Friendly? YesNoNoNoNo
Logic Capacity (LUTs) 52805280768052801280
Internal RAM (bits) 120k + 1024k120k + 1024k128k120k + 1024k64k
Multipliers 88080
USB Interface FTDI 2232HQ (dev kit)FTDI 2232HQOn FPGA bootloaderOn FPGA bootloaderFTDI 2232HL
User IOs 827 + 741 + 24 + 218
Pmod Connectors 1 (dev board)3001
User Buttons 01 tactile + 3 tactile on breakoff Pmod1 reset2 capacitive0
User LED 1 tricolor, high-power IR LED2 on-board4 on dev board2 + 5 on breakoff Pmod5
Onboard Clock 12 MHz, shared with FTDI12 MHz, shared with FTDI16 MHz12 MHz12 MHz, shared with FTDI
Flash 8 Mb QSPI128 Mbit QSPI DDR8 Mbit SPI16 Mbit SPI32 Mbit SPI
IMU InvenSense 6 DOF (accellerometer + gyroscope)NoNoNoNo
Mic MEMS I²S microphoneNoNoNoNo
Power Measurement On dev kitNoNoNoNo
Open Source Toolchain YesYesYesYesYes
APIO YesYesYesYesYes
Icestudio YesYesYesNot yetYes
Migen NoYesYesNoYes

Support & Documentation

All data about the SoM is captured in the Vision FPGA SoM GitHub repo and will be updated over time with sample code, Colab notebooks, etc.

Manufacturing Plan

Once the campaign concludes successfully, we will initiate completion of the verification run for the SoM, developer kit and breakout boards, followed by thorough testing to verify functionality. We have a couple of assembly vendors already lined up and will be negotiating the final assembly pricing in parallel to the design effort. The final delivery dates for the devices will be dialed in based on the lead-times for parts and agreed upon build schedules with the assembler and communicated to backers. PWB’s will be ordered from ALLPCB as in previous runs followed by assembly and test and fulfilled by Crowd Supply.

Fulfillment & Logistics

The devices will be manufactured/tested by Inc. and bulk shipped to Crowd Supply from where they will be shipped to the backers. For more information, you can refer to this useful guide to ordering, paying, and shipping.

Risks & Challenges

Some sources of risk are:

That said, if there are any delays or complications with manufacturing or delivery, we will communicate this clearly and promptly with backers.

You can learn more about how Crowd Supply protects it’s backers in their Guide.

In the Press

Produced by in San Diego, CA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Vision FPGA SoM

A FPGA Vision SoM to play with!

$70 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Vision FPGA SoM Breakout Kit

One Vision FPGA SoM and one Breakout Board.

$80 Shipping Priced By Weight Worldwide

Vision FPGA SoM Dev Kit

A Vision FPGA SoM and Developer Board.

$120 Shipping Priced By Weight Worldwide


Two FPGA Vision SoM's.

$125 Shipping Priced By Weight Worldwide


Pack of 10 FPGA Vision SoM's, at a 5% discount.

$620 Shipping Priced By Weight Worldwide

SoM Breakout Board

The SoM breakout board brings all SoM pins to 2.54 mm pitch pins for breadboarding, can't do without it! SoMe assembly required to solder the 2.54 mm headers on. Note: SoM is not included.

$14 Shipping Priced By Weight Worldwide

SoM Developer Board

One developer board that breaks out SoM IO with in-line LEDs, includes a Raspberry Pi HAT connector, allows for USB power (with power monitoring) and programming, includes PMOD and QWIIC connectors, and has room for prototyping. Note: SoM is NOT included.

$60 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

San Diego, CA  · works closely with clients to incorporate low power CV into their devices. We are enabling CV with hardware in the form of tightly integrated CV modules with a clean API.

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