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Security & Privacy


Security keys you create by rolling dice

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Funding ended on Oct 01, 2020 at 04:59 PM PDT.

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DiceKeys** are backup security keys with 196 bits of security made of 25 custom dice and a rugged holder, built to last a lifetime. **SoloKeys are open-source FIDO2 security keys for two-factor authentication and passwordless login. Put them together and you get a FIDO2 SoloKey key that you can seed from your DiceKey, and replace with a cryptographically-identical should you break it or lose it.

With the DiceKeys and SoloKeys combo, you can have the first FIDO2 security key that can be replaced with a cryptographically-identical replica if you lose it. As password managers add support for DiceKeys, you’ll also be able to use your DiceKey in place of a `master’ password. It’s also the first FIDO2 key for which you can verify that the key was generated via a truly random (unbiased) process.

Reading DiceKeys (using your eyes or your device)

DiceKeys can be read by most any phone, tablet, or computer. Or, you can use your own eyes to read each face by its:

The lines and dots are error-correction codes. Each line contains a redundant encoding of the letter and digit on the face of the die. Our algorithms use them to orient and double check the letter and digit.

DiceKeys App

Use the open source DiceKeys app to quickly read your DiceKey from a device. Our API allows apps and services to derive their own private secrets from your DiceKey without those apps seeing the key itself.

Our reference implementation runs in most modern web browsers, allowing it to work on an incredibly diverse range of devices. While built with web-based technologies (TypeScript & WebAssembly), it runs entirely locally on your device.

We are also developing Android and iOS versions to provide a richer experience on those devices.

Security Strength

DiceKeys have 196 bits of security, as a result of having 25 factorial placements of unique letters (dice) to positions in the box, 6 faces of each die, and 4 possible orientations of each die relative to the top of the box.

25 unique dice (letters) assigned to 25 positions25!
6 possible faces (digits) exposed by each die)x 6²⁵
4 possible orientations of each exposed face4²⁵
4 possible orientations of box reduced to one*/ 4¹
=124,127,134,662,179,891,202,329,100,571,859,806,502,566,406,865,813,504,000,000=2¹⁹⁶ + ε
(> 196 bits)

*To generate secrets consistently even if you scan your DiceKey sideways or rotated up-side down, our software rotates your DiceKey to a canonical orientation before deriving secrets from it.

Designed to Last

Most products are designed to be replaced, and many technology products are designed to be replaced dozens of times over a human lifetime. In contrast, one need only open up a decades-old game to observe the longevity of dice. In 50 years, our devices may no longer support Bluetooth or USB-C, but we will still have eyes and our devices will still have cameras. Even if the company behind DiceKeys is long gone, our license gives you access to use our software for eternity, and allows the open-source community to maintain and improve it.


SoloKeys make for perfect companions to DiceKeys - as they’re open source 2FA, FIDO2 security keys. They’re available at a discounted rate during this campaign when purchased with a DiceKeys set.

DiceKeys/SoloKeys sets are availble with the following SoloKeys options. Each SoloKey comes with Secure (locked-in) firmware.


Somu fit right inside your USB Type-A port so it’s easy to take your 2FA token wherever your computer needs to go.

Each unit ships with a red case and a black case.

Solo Tap USB-A & Solo Tap USB-C

Solo Tap units are NFC-capable in addition to being pluggable. So for some NFC-enabled devices, a simple tap will suffice for 2FA verification.

Each unit ships with a red case and a black case.

Solo Tap phone compatibility:



Features & Specifications

Support & Documentation

All the software is open source, with the code accessible via GitHub for both DiceKeys and SoloKeys.

Our open software for reading DiceKeys and performing cryptographic operations with them is available for you to inspect, compile, modify, and use for eternity. In contrast to hardware designed to resist inspection, you can inspect every aspect of DiceKeys with your own eyes. Your security is literally in your own hands.

Manufacturing Plan

SoloKeys are manufactured in Italy by the team at SoloKeys.

DiceKeys are manufactured in Asia. Our first-generation dice are manufactured using silk-screen printing. We tested and rejected numerous manufacturers of dice as the quality standards required for generating the detailed patterns in our design exceed the capabilities of many manufacturers.

The manufacturing requirements for the DiceKeys box were less exacting, but we still went through an extensive process to tune the locking mechanism to minimize the risk of accidental opening as a result of falls.

We use a third manufacturer for the bags, which has the least exacting requirements as our only concern is that parts not fall out of a bag when using it to roll dice or to store an assembled DiceKey.

Fulfillment & Logistics

DiceKeys will be delivered to Crowd Supply’s warehouse for final distribution to backers worldwide. Please see Crowd Supply’s guide on Ordering, Paying, Shipping: All the Details for more information about delivery, VAT payments, etc.

Risks & Challenges

The first 900 DiceKeys units have already been produced and are ready to ship to Crowd Supply for distribution to backers. So any risk inherent in manufacturing has been mitigated. Completing the first batch has prepared us well for successive production rounds.

In the Press


"A new kit leaves your cryptographic destiny up to 25 cubes in a plastic box."


"DiceKeys enable you to, at the math and technology level, create a backup security key with an astonishing 196 bits of entropy."


"Das neuartige Produkt überzeugt nicht nur mit seiner Kreativität, sondern kann dank seiner Durchdachtheit auch in der Tat sichere Passwörter generieren. "

Ars Technica

Produced by DiceKeys in Seoul, Korea.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.


A set of 25 dice, a three-part, one-time lockable enclosure to encase the dice, and a bag to hold it all.

$25 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

1 x DiceKey and 1 x SoloKey

1 x set of DiceKeys and 1 x SoloKey of your choice.

$50 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide

1 x DiceKey and 2 x SoloKeys

1 x DiceKey set and 2 x SoloKeys of your choice.

$75 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide


From the Somu project.

The perfect companion for your DiceKey.

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security key that fits inside your USB Type-A port.

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

2 x DiceKeys and 4 x SoloKeys

2 x DiceKey sets and 4 x SoloKeys of your choice.

$145 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide

Solo Tap USB-A

From the Somu project.

The perfect companion for your DiceKey.

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security USB Type-A key fob that is NFC capable.

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

5 x DiceKeys

5 x DiceKey sets

$100 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide

Solo Tap USB-C

From the Somu project.

The perfect companion for your DiceKey.

An open source 2FA, FIDO2 security USB Type-C key fob that is NFC capable.

$40 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Early Bird DiceKey

A set of DiceKeys dice at a special early bird price, available only during the first three days of this campaign.

$22 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide

DiceKey Backups Stickers

An easy-to-use set of stickers for backing up your DiceKey. Includes five sticker sheets and one target sheet. The completed target sheet is compatible with the same software used to read actual DiceKeys.

$5 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Seoul, Korea  ·

Security keys you create by rolling dice.

Stuart Schechter

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