Dec 14, 2023

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The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"The future’s a weirder place than we thought it would be when we were little kids." — Cory Doctorow

New: The New Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen

Naomi Wu’s fresh revision of Andrew "bunnie" Huang’s 2016 guide to navigating and sourcing in the Hua Qiang electronics market.

Learn More About The New Essential Guide

New: Tokay Lite

Tokay Lite is an edge AI camera that is ESP32-powered, open source, and no-code.

Learn More About Tokay Lite

New: Raspberry Breadstick

Raspberry Breadstick is a Raspberry Pi RP2040 development board in a long form factor.

Learn More About Raspberry Breadstick

In Stock: AMD Kria K26 SoM & Kits

AMD Kria K26 SoM & Kits are vision and robotics platforms built around a custom-built AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC.

Order Your AMD Kria K26 SoM & Kits

Coming Soon: ANAVI Miracle uHAT

ANAVI Miracle uHAT is an open source controller for addressable RGB LED strips, mini-OLED displays, and sensors.

Learn More About ANAVI Miracle uHAT

Coming Soon: Aventen Formosa Sync

Aventen Formosa Sync is a high-performance, well-featured dev board with a RT1060 that’s overclockable to 1 GHz.

Learn More About Aventen Formosa Sync

Ending Soon: Discovery Dish

Discovery Dish is a system for weather satellite reception and hydrogen line radio astronomy.

Learn More About Discovery Dish

In Stock: moRFeus

moRFeus is a highly portable 30 MHz - 6 GHz fractional-N wideband frequency converter and signal generator.

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In Stock: Loud ESP

Loud ESP is an open source, portable, ESP32-based audio platform with a touchscreen.

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Update Roundup

Discovery Dish dishes out hi-res images.

RoomSense IQ integrates with Amazon Alexa.

Lite3DP Gen 2 goes deep on its test-print feature.

GlowStitch LEDs mix well with painting and other crafting.

SaraKIT supports ChatGPT.

Open UpCell runs through testing and safety.

AI in a Box is shipping prototype kits.

Haxophone begins fulfillment.

ESP 360 Remote calls for field reports.

BusKill adds QubesOS keyboard shortcuts.

BlueIO832 Mini has a BlueIODevin tutorial for mobile applications.

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