Crowd Supply Guide: How are Funds Received?

Your success is our success. We don’t make money unless you do.

Crowd Supply follows an all-or-nothing funding model. If your campaign meets its goal, then you get all the money raised, less fees. Otherwise, no one is charged.


You can receive funds from your campaign at the following times:

  1. Shortly after your campaign hits its funding goal, the pledges up until that point will be batch processed. You can typically receive funds (less applicable fees) within two weeks.
  2. The balance of remaining pledges (less fees) will be finalized one week after the end of the campaign and transferred to you shortly thereafter - typically within a week of being finalized.
  3. Whenever Crowd Supply decides it needs to replenish its own inventory of your product. For most successfully funded campaigns, Crowd Supply places its initial stocking order as part of the crowdfunding funds transferred to you.

These are general timelines and are subject to change with the particulars of each campaign. To learn more, please visit the When are Funds Received? page.


Crowd Supply’s fee structure is straightforward:

Payment Methods: Options & Timing

We offer three different options for receiving your campaign funds. Please carefully read about each option below and let us know which you prefer.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH transfers are an efficient and inexpensive way to receive funds from Crowd Supply into a US-based bank account. There is a one-time setup process which takes two to three business days to complete, but all transfers thereafter occur within a single business day. Crowd Supply does not charge a fee for ACH transfers. To set up ACH transfers, you will need to provide Crowd Supply with:

Paper Check

To receive your project funds via a paper check sent through the US Postal Service, please provide Crowd Supply with the following details:

Check payments sent to US addresses typically arrive in 7-10 business days.

Wire Transfer

You can also request to be paid via wire. However, you are responsible for all outgoing wire fees from Crowd Supply. Domestic transfers incur a $25 fee. International transfers incur a $40 fee. All international wire transfers require a single test transfer before the full amount is transferred. The below wire information will need to be completed and sent to Crowd Supply to initiate the wire.

US Domestic Wires

International Wires

Question not answered here? Contact us to see how we can help.

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