The Crowd Supply Guide: Your Campaign Has Ended, Now What?

There are three ways a campaign can end: funded, unfunded, or suspended. Below, we describe what happens and what you need to do for each scenario.

After a Campaign Funds Successfully

Stuff Crowd Supply Will Do

Here’s what you can expect from Crowd Supply when your campaign successfully funds.

Stuff You Need To Do

You’ve hit a big milestone, but there’s still lots for you to do:

After Your Campaign Fails to Fund or Is Suspended

So the end date of your campaign came, or you decided to suspend it, and you did not meet your funding goal. Don’t be downcast, you’ve actually accomplished a lot. You can take what you learned about your project and your supporters and use the information to modify your project, your outreach, and/or your price points and manufacturing plans. You probably also received some invaluable feedback from backers and you started to build a community who can help you launch another project.

Stuff Crowd Supply Will Do

Here’s what you can expect from Crowd Supply:

Stuff You Need To Do

There are just a few loose strings you’ll need to tie up.

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The Crowd Supply Guide: Table of Contents

For Everyone

For Backers

For Creators

Getting Started

Before Your Campaign Launches

During Your Campaign

After Your Campaign Concludes

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