The Crowd Supply Guide: Why Projects Get Rejected

Rejection is never fun, so you might be feeling unhappy that Crowd Supply did not accept your project. Don’t! We often turn down fascinating and promising projects simply because they are not a good fit for our model. Think of it as another data point in your project’s development. What can you learn from the experience? We do our best to respond to every project submission. In our response, we try to briefly explain our reasons for rejection and give you suggestions for re-submission (if appropriate). This page will take a more in-depth look at the most common reasons we decline to run a project’s campaign.

You’ll find related information on our When to Submit Guide page.

Issues with the product

Issues with the project

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The Crowd Supply Guide: Table of Contents

For Everyone

For Backers

For Creators

Getting Started

Before Your Campaign Launches

During Your Campaign

After Your Campaign Concludes

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